Contributor Guidelines

We appreciate contributions to the code base and development of new features for the framework. Please use the GitHub “Issues” feature to raise questions concerning potential bugs or to propose new features, but search for resolved/closed topics on similar subjects before raising a new issue.

For contributions to the code base of the platform, please use GitHub “Pull Requests”, including a detailed description of the new feature and unit tests to illustrate the intended functionality. All pull requests will be reviewed by the message_ix and ixmp maintainers and/or contributors.

Contributors are required to sign the Contributor License Agreement before any pull request can be reviewed. This ensures that all future users can benefit from your contribution, and that your contributions do not infringe on anyone else’s rights. The electronic signature is collected via the cla-assistant when issuing the pull request.

Code submitted via pull requests must adhere to the following style formats:
  • Python: pep8
  • R: please follow the style of the existing code base
  • other (file names, CLI, etc.): please follow the style of the existing code base