pyam: analysis and visualization of assessment models

Release v0.1.2.

The pyam Python package provides a range of diagnostic tools and functions for analyzing and visualizing data from your favorite assessment model(s).

The source code for pyam is available on Github.


Some of the pyam features include:
  • Easily filter and manipulate data in the IAMC timeseries format
  • An interface similar in feel and style to pandas.DataFrame
  • Advanced visualization and plotting functions.
  • Diagnostic checks for non-reported variables or timeseries values to analyze and validate scenario data.
  • Categorization of scenarios according to timeseries data or metadata for further analysis.

After installing, check out our tutorials or our plotting gallery to get started.

Get in touch

  • Report bugs, suggest features or view the source code on GitHub.
  • For less well defined questions or ideas, use the mailing list.


pyam is available under the open source Apache License.