Auxiliary timeseries functions

pyam.cumulative(x, first_year, last_year)[source]

Returns the cumulative sum of a timeseries (indexed over years), implements linear interpolation between years, ignores nan’s in the range. The function includes the last-year value of the series, and raises a warning if start_year or last_year is outside of the timeseries range and returns nan

  • x (pandas.Series) – a timeseries to be summed over time
  • first_year (int) – first year of the sum
  • last_year (int) – last year of the sum (inclusive)
pyam.fill_series(x, year)[source]

Returns the value of a timeseries (indexed over years) for a year by linear interpolation.

  • x (pandas.Series) – a timeseries to be interpolated
  • year (int) – year of interpolation